Extended Birth Chart Reading

(approximately 80-100 pages)

  • Extended Analysis of one (1) birth chart,
  • House Placements (including interceptions, if applicable),
  • Complete Aspect + Rulership Analysis (connections to other Houses and planets),
  • Planetary + Nodal + Major Asteroid Placements,
  • Axes Analysis,
  • Fixed Star Analysis.
  • Includes Placidus, Whole Sign House, Equal House analysis.



This birth chart reading is an intuitive interpretation of the astrological influences present at a specific moment; and should not be taken as legitimate legal advice, medical advice, or financial advice. The reading may or may not resonate with the Customer, and at any time Vendor maintains the right to deny service to any individual, without explanation. If service is denied, a full refund will be granted upon denial. If no accurate time/location are provided, Vendor may be unable to provide House Analysis and will provide solely Planetary Analysis instead. Customer understands that this will decrease the amount of detail in the reading and assumes full liability of this risk. 

Extended Birth Chart Reading (Written Report)