General Birth Chart Report

Includes a general analysis of the customer's birth chart, including: 

  • House Placements 
  • Planetary (and Luminary) Placements
  • Nodal (North & South) and Minor Astrological Body (Lilith & Chiron) Placements
  • Axis Placements (AC, MC, DC, IC)
  • Some Major Aspect Analysis (All Major Oppositions & Conjunctions, and some Trines & Squares)
  • Placidus Chart, Equal House Chart, and Whole Sign Chart interpretations.


Additional major aspects may be included, if the aspects are deemed crucial for the understanding of the planetary and house placements (at Vendor's sole discretion). No additional aspects are 100% guaranteed, unless selected from the additional options. 



Additional Packages: 


Full Aspect Report  (+$99.99 USD)

  • Includes All Strong, Medium Strength, and Weak Aspects in an auxiliary Aspect Analysis Report.


Full Fixed Star Analysis  (+$49.99 USD)

  • Includes all major Fixed Stars in House Analysis.





This birth chart reading is an intuitive interpretation of the astrological influences present at the moment of one's birth; and should not be taken as legitimate legal advice, medical advice, or financial advice. The reading may or may not resonate with the Customer, and at any time Vendor maintains the right to deny service to any individual, without explanation. If service is denied, a full refund will be granted upon denial.


Reports may take anywhere from 7-14 business days, depending on the packages selected. Final General Birth Chart Report will be delivered in PDF format to the email address provided. Hardcover printed Report is currently unavailable. (COMING SOON)

General Birth Chart Report

Full Aspect Report
Fixed Star Analysis

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