Planetary Rulership Map

Personalized network diagram that shows your unique energy imprint. At any moment in time, the energy on Earth is being "ruled" by a planet or planets, and the constant shift of planets in the sky plays a huge role in the constant shift of energy we experience on Earth. 


This Planetary Rulership Map shows you the Heirarchy of planetary influence over the energy on Earth that was imprinted into your soul at your moment of birth. Viewing these interactions visually allows you to see the patterns of energy flow that you are experiencing in this lifetime, so you can catch yourself in toxic behaviors and make conscious effort to direct your energy in the most efficient and beneficial ways. 



  • Rulership Heirarchy for:
    • Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Lilith, Chiron, Ascendant, Descendant, IC, MC.
    • Can be viewed as 1-way roads for unidirectional energy flow
  • Major Aspects:
    • Conjunction, Trine, Square, Opposition, Inconjunction, Sextile
    • Can be viewed as 2-way roads for bidirectional energy flow (or public transport, since they look like subway lines in this "map").
    • Additional Minor aspects may be included, if the aspects are deemed crucial for the understanding of the planetary interactions.
    • No additional aspects are 100% guaranteed.


Additional Option:

Recorded Video Reading (+$44.99)


Video analysis of your Rulership Map will include: 

  • Identification of potential negative energy cycles/energy "traps." 
  • House Analysis to identify areas of life that may be impacted
  • Practical strategies to improve energy flow/overcome blockages.
  • Identification of positive energy cycles and ways to access "flow state."




This Planetary Rulership Map (and/or Reading) is an intuitive interpretation of the planetary influences present at a specific moment or moments; and should not be taken as legitimate legal advice, medical advice, or financial advice. The mapping may or may not resonate with the Customer, and at any time Vendor maintains the right to deny service to any individual, without explanation. If service is denied, a full refund will be granted upon denial. If no accurate time/location are provided, Vendor may only include Whole Sign chart or chart without accurate Houses and Moon Sign. Customer understands that this will decrease the amount of detail in the energy mapping and assumes full liability of this risk. 

Planetary Rulership Map