Published January 27, 2022 7:33pm ET

This video is an Astrological analysis of this upcoming Saturday January 29th, 2022, in which I discuss the possibility of a performative military endeavor or endeavors by Russian military forces / Vladimir Putin, around the times of:

  • 11:11am Kiev time (8:11am GMT, 3:11am ET) and;

  • 5:11pm Kiev time (3:11pm GMT, 10:11am ET). 

Transcript, Updated Jan 27, 2022 8:05pm ET


Yesterday I looked at the charts of Putin & Russia, Zelensky & Ukraine, as well as Joe Biden & the US. I also looked at important transits we have coming up over the next couple of days.


January 29th is the day that Venus stations direct in 11° of Capricorn. This is the ruler of Putin’s Libra stellium, including his Sun, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury; as well as his Jupiter in Taurus. Putin’s 11° Scorpio Venus in his 1H is also perfectly sextile this 11° Venus in Capricorn (the transiting Venus).


Putin knows how big Venus is in his own chart, and he knows that Venus needs to be stationed direct before he can make any major moves. 


This is the same day that Mars is in 3° of Capricorn, which is the point of the Lot of Fortune (LOF) on the horary chart from my first video. It also happens to be perfectly conjunct Russia’s Natal Sun in 3° of Capricorn, meaning January 29th is a day that we really could see Russia make a major move.


Around 11:11am Kiev time (GMT+2) is the moment that the moon enters that Aries point, 0° of Capricorn–but it’s worth noting the moon will be transiting through 26° of Sagittarius earlier that morning, which is where Putin has his Natal Mars.


Later that day, around 5:11pm, Kiev time (GM+2), the Moon perfectly conjoins Mars in 3° of Capricorn, in the 5H. The 5H talks about performances and grand displays. Mars and Moon conjunct in the 5H is someone putting on a show. Especially with the 5° Vertex, which is a Leo degree, and talks about “five minutes of fame” or short-lived attention. 


At the exact moment of this Moon-Mars conjunction–to the minute–3° 42’ of Capricorn–is the same moment that Neptune is in 21° of Pisces in the 8H, which is perfectly opposite the 21° Virgo LOF in the 2H. Neptune in Pisces in the 8H is a secret that is being hidden or concealed with a distraction. Smoke and mirrors of some kind. 


With that opposite this LOF in the 2H in Virgo, something tells me that there is going to be a grand display of some sort, as an effort to distract or conceal true intentions, which actually include restructuring and reorganizing your men in order to stabilize your position (that’s the 2H of security, safety, and foundations). Setting up new camps and stabilizing your position, while Neptune, the “sailor,” in Pisces, on the ocean or water, acts as the “distraction.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin tries to put on some grand display including his naval fleet in order to distract from the land moves he’s actually making. 


So this Neptune-LOF 21° opposition is also T-square transiting Lilith in 21° of Gemini, which is perfectly sextile Putin’s natal Lililth (conjunct his MC/Midheaven) in 21° of Leo. This 21° Lilith/MC in Leo is perfectly square Joe Bidens’ 21° Scorpio Mercury. Which, again, is perfectly trine the Pisces Neptune, or the distraction. 


The moment of the “grand display,” or the distraction, is also the same moment that Mercury is retrograde in the 6H, associated with Virgo. Mercury, especially when retrograde, is the “trickster.” That is twisting someone’s mind inside-out. Whether or not the distraction is actually a naval operation, or just some other smoke-and-mirrors to distract from his true target of stabilizing his camp(s), [Putin] is absolutely going to use this transiting 21° Lilith, which harmonizes (sextile) with his Natal Lilith perfectly, to fuck with Joe Biden’s head–that’s square his Natal 21° mercury in Scorpio. Which, again, remember: Mercury is currently retrograde. 


Another thing worth noting about this moment is that Saturn is perfectly conjunct the Descendant (Dsc) in 15° of Aquarius, domiciled or in its home sign. That’s the beginning of the 7H, or the 7H cusp, and it talks about relationships with others. One-on-one partnerships. That includes adversaries and open enemies. Saturn on the Dsc talks about trying to control someone you have beef with. 


We also have a 29° Aries MC at this exact [Moon-Mars] conjunction moment. 29° is the last degree of a sign. It is called an “anaretic” degree, and it’s a very intense energy that is usually considered karmic or fated. Especially in Aries, it’s a very aggressive fiery energy that could possibly even be explosive or very dangerous. 


The MC catching that 29° of Aries results in Taurus being intercepted in the 10H, along with Scorpio being intercepted in the 4H. This is the same sign(s) as Joe Biden’s Natal Mars, domiciled in Scorpio, as well as his Scorpio Mercury, Sun, and Venus… and his Taurus moon, in 0deg. 

But…it’s also the sign(s) of Putin’s Natal Venus in Scorpio and his Natal Jupiter in Taurus. Somebody is getting their shit intercepted–I don’t know who, but it’s worth noting that the Mars-Moon and Vertex in 3° and 5° of Capricorn (respectively), are opposite the USA’s Natal Venus and Jupiter in 3° and 5° of Cancer (respectively).